How Malaysian Hair Differs from Other Types

There are several different types of human hair available for purchase, such as Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, and Malaysian. Hair is used for extensions and full weaves in straight, wavy, or curly styles. Malaysian hair is coarser than other types, and is naturally lightly textured. It has a low to medium luster, is low maintenance, and is very durable. It blends well with African American hair types, as well as multi-ethnic hair. The hair is more versatile than other types because it is less susceptible to frizzing even in high humidity.

Wavy and curly styles can be straighten, and will return to the original state when wet. That property has great implications for all day wear. A full weave can be flat ironed in the morning, for example, for a day at the office. Wetting the hair down will then make it wavy for a night out on the town. Leaving it curly for all day wear can be easily followed by a straight up-do for evening. If a multitude of styles is desired, it is best to get virgin hair for weaves. Virgin refers to hair that has not been processed. It can be colored, styled, and blow dried without causing excessive damage to the hair. Processed hair will damage quicker, and will need to be replaced sooner, than the virgin version.

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Hair for weaves and extensions is sold in bundles of three and a half ounces. If customers only want to add volume to natural hair, it is possible to have that done with a single bundle. A full weave will take three or more bundles of hair, depending on the length wanted, and the texture of the natural hair. Purchasing that many single bundles of hair will be expensive. It is more cost-effective to find a Top Virgin Malaysian Hair Bundle Deals Company with which to do business. Most, like hair bundle deals, for example, provide bundles to individuals, salons, and wholesale suppliers, so the volume of sales allows them to offer bundle deals at great pricing.

Bundle deal options include three, four, or five bundles of hair for one low price. That provides enough hair for a full weave, and maybe even a little extra. For people getting their first weave, it can be difficult to estimate exactly how much hair will be needed. The stylist will not run out of hair before the weave is completed, if four or five bundles are purchased at once. Lengths range from twelve inches to twenty-eight inches. It is important to keep in mind that wavy and curly hair bundle lengths are measured by pulling hair straight.